FOLLOW-UP | Hands on session: Introduction to Smart Contract Programming

First of all, I would like to thank you for attending’s 2nd meetup. I hope you enjoyed the experience and I look forward to seeing you at the next event. More to come in the following days. Stay tuned! 🙂

Also, a big thanks to Centrys team, GossipGuyAlex MalesClujHub and all members for make it happen. I’m truly honored to have had the chance to work with you in the past 3 weeks or so and provide such a good piece of tech wise educational content.

Yesterday, on 25th of June, our focus was on smart contract programming, therefore 30+ software engineers and product people joined us. We kicked off with an intro about the role that can play in the development of the ecosystem and how we can all use this environment to collaborate, partnership, share our knowledge and challenge the status quo by using blockchain or distributed ledger technologies.


Also we had a quick update with regards to our next events. Please see below our roadmap for 2018, but please bear in mind that this is a high level perspective and this document is intended as a living document.

We aim to organize in the following weeks an open workshop about Zilliqa’s Grant Programme and develop together the detailed proposal, potentially apply for one of their projects listed in Tools and Libraries category. ➤➤➤More details to come on this one on our Discord server.
Then we would want to sync with both Electric Castle and Untold events from Cluj-Napoca in order to organize other meetups. And by the end of this year we are keen to organize a major blockchain event in Cluj-Napoca. Bear with us, we just kicked off to work on a project plan. 🙂

On the first part of our meetup, Sorin Tanasescu, Paul Bochis, Hegedus Levente and Alex Cosma from Centrys team discussed about smart contracts.


They kicked off with a presentation of how the blockchains evolved and the genesis and fundamentals of Smart Contracts. Then, they used an example of how to implement a decentralized applications — wallet smart contract.


At the end of first part, Alex Cosma had a live example on how to write our own ERC20 token smart contract. A very engaging and demanding session.

On the second part, we welcomed GossipGuy, a very known hashgraph ambassador and youtubber. He joined a conf call all the way from New York City and he provided an overview of the hashgraph ecosystem.


The presentation included a summary of the projects recently announced using hashgraph in either the private/permission or public environments. Here is a copy of his presentation deck for reference:

Then, Alexandru Males grabbed the 🎤 for a deep dive session into hashgraph; a tech perspective on a high performance consensus algorithm.

Alex showed us what is the secret sauce of Hashgraph and ran a live coding session, a mind blowing one! 🙂

We ended with decentralized chat and with the promise that we will continue to do what we started to do 6 months ago or so, to build an environment for collaborations, partnerships and knowledge sharing.

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