Blockchain, the new internet

Hello world! Join us on May 30 from 18:00 at The Office Business Center from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, for our FREE event about blockchain technology. Please see here more details:

We are extremely happy to have Matt Spoke — AION Network Founder ,Sorin Tanasescu and Alex Cosma from Centrys , Andrei Nagy fromAlphablock, Samuel Kurtmann from Impetus One and Adrian Irimia, founder of .

We will tackle many topics on 30th of May, starting at 18:00 with the role that can play in the development of the ecosystem and how we can all use this environment to collaborate, partnership, share our knowledge and challenge the status quo by using blockchain technologies. Adrian will share his experience about building community.

Then at 18:15 Samuel Kurtmann will discuss about changing the paradigm in online advertising. Google and Facebook advertising costs have gone through the roof! Due to their growing complexity the advertising apparatus of companies is bloated, putting an even bigger strain on their budgets. In the meantime users are being bombarded with tons of ads that are turning them ad blind. Isn’t there another way? Advertising is about to change.

At 18:45 Sorin Tanasescu and Alex Cosma will share with us the Dwarves of Modern Crypto Mining. Centrys team will present the past, the present and the future of mining cryptocurrencies. How mining has evolved from simple CPU miners to complex hardware and powerful pools. Besides presenting the mining fundamentals, we will be discussing preconditions to mining, proper environment setup, short term and long term implications, and a concrete and ‘live’ example of setting up a miner.

Andrei Nagy from Alphablock will discuss from 19:45 about intelligent contracts as the transactional foundation for the blockchain. The idea that a contract needs a mental clarity between parties before getting into an agreement is the discretionary challenge which the blockchain needs to overcome. The smart contract should do more than just honor an agreement if blockchain has become an infrastructure for marketplaces. It is not just about embedding the smart contract into the blockchain and keep the data secure but also keeping the data dynamic, valuable, reusable — and hence, intelligent. Redefining smart contract protocols cannot depend on a piecemeal process enhancement, it has to be total revamp in design. AlphaBlock’s smart contract technology attempts to answer the above challenges allowing blockchain to become a more robust network enabling new marketplaces.

And last but definitely not least, Matt Spoke, AION Network Founder, will talk about the current fragmented blockchain landscape as well as the scalability issues which are preventing mass adoption. He will discuss Aion Network’s roadmap to create an interoperability protocol which will allow independently operated blockchains to connect, enabling the instant transfer and recording of data and value and streamlining communications. He will also share his vision of a future where any blockchain can connect and share data, creating a powerful network which will revolutionize how industries share information.

Keen to meet you all! 🙂

The Schedule:

  • 18:00 pm — Quick intro about — Adrian Irimia, Founder
  • 18:15 pm — Changing the paradigm in online advertising — Samuel Kurtmann, Impetus One CEO
  • 18:45 pm — The Dwarves of Modern Crypto Mining — Sorin Tanasescu, Centrys CTO and Co-Founder, and Alex Cosma, Centrys Engineer — Blockchain Development and Education
  • 19:15 pm — Intelligent Contracts — Andrei Nagy, Alphablock Co-Founder
  • 19:45 pm — Blockchain landscape and scalability issues — Matt Spoke, AION Founder
  • 20:30 pm — Decentralized networking

Bear in mind please that we have only 60 seats available, therefore we strongly recommend to arrive before 18:00 on 30th of May.

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